Using Social Media to Land Your Next Job

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It is very important to utilize all of the tools at your disposal to land your next job. Using Social Media is one of the smart ways people are making connections, and finding relevant job posts for their qualifications.
Social Media platforms allow you to seek for relevant work, as well as be seen by appropriate companies.
It’s not going to help you find a job overnight, but overlooking the social media space limits your opportunities for potential work.

Here are some sites to keep your sights on:

  • LinkedIn – Connect with people in the field / company you are looking for. Friends and colleagues are able to recommend your work and suggest available opportunities.
  • Facebook– Connect with friends, family, and ask if anyone knows of open positions. They may be able to recommend open positions.
  • Twitter – Follow job feeds by location and service. Twitter’s culture is open and friendly with random strangers helping each other out. Ask for help with something specific and see who responds.

Job sites:

Job Seeking Advice:

  • Put yourself out there. Let people you know you are seeking work.
  • Network, network, network. Both online and at events – in person.
  • Get yourself to stand out. Write about what makes you different and unique compared to the rest of the world. Get yourself noticed.
  • Make sure your online persona is professional. Your future employers will Google you, check your Facebook account, etc. Keep it clean. Don’t post pictures or statements that you wouldn’t want employers seeing.


ParnasaFest is an organization that was created in February 2009, by 3 social media experts (including SocialCity Marketing founder Dani Klein), to assist the global Jewish community after the massive amounts of layoffs due to the recent economic crisis. The organization focuses on teaching networking and social networking skills to the newly jobless, as well as introducing them to potential employers. ParnasaFest has been running events for 3 months, in at least 6 locations, with many more in the pipeline, gathering a minimum of 100 people per event. No marketing dollars were put into make ParnasaFest a success. The organization’s success came due to the power of social media, and the 3 national chair’s ability to maximize their online networks.

You can read more about ParnasaFest by clicking here:
The organization has recently started a Job posting site where you can post and search available job positions:

The Social Media Trifecta

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Today, we had the opportunity to rub elbows with some major players from the tech / media industry, especially social media experts, at Jeff Pulver’s “SocComm”.

facebook_twitterThroughout the day there seem to have been a common denominator in all the “social media” and even general media discussions. Those three were Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, what I will dub the “Social Media Trifecta”.

Obviously, this applies to today, 2009, where Facebook is the ultimate sharing tool, Twitter is the fastest way to get any sort of news or live / streaming info, and blogs offer everyone the ability to be a content provider. Facebook is consistently featured on Mashable‘s daily alerts, as is Twitter and new Twitter apps. That is not to say that in 2010, or in the next few years, the social media space won’t change, but as far as we know it now, these three rule online.

Now, many of you are asking, what about YouTube? YouTube is consistently one of top sites on the web, period. The problem with YouTube is that it is less of a community, as it is more of a place to post and watch videos. The site has many social media components, and if I were to add a fourth to create a Quad of Social Media powerhouses, YouTube would be it.

This is why SocialCity Marketing focuses our core services and solutions to create and manage appropriate representation in all three / four spaces. This is the core of any social marketing strategy.

Let’s see what platforms will be added to this social media “core” over the next couple of years.